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Winterbrose Games is proud to announce the release of our very first Unity project tutorial.
Complete Project for Unity - Create Your Own Functional Dialog Boxes using Start, Yes, and No buttons

  3D Modeling Workflow - Create Unity project with Ethan Character.  You will want to create a project/scene file in Unity 3D so that you can load it whenever you need it to test 3D models you have created for compatability with the Unity Game engine and environment. You can test your 3D model meshes for position, scaling and normals with this set up.  3D Modeling Workflow - Position Test your 3D model in Unity.  Regardless of which modeling application is used, your model design should be located in the world center at 0,0,0 and probably grounded on the floor. There may be exceptions to this rule which only you can determine for such factors like end-user expectations and interaction with other models.  3D Modeling Workflow - Test the Normals of your 3D model in Unity.  In 3D modeling, normals are basically the direction in which lights is reflected or blocked. If the normals are pointing in the wrong direction for the application displaying the model, then the item will not look the way you are expecting.  This test demonstrates how to know/verify if the normals of your 3D modeling project are correct for use in Unity 3D.