Winterbrose Games

Just $ 6.00

This Unity product includes everything your need to create your own functional dialog boxes in C# for Unity.

You will create a START button dialog like those found in most popular games along with an inquiry dialog to capture a YES or NO response from the end-user.

This tutorial package is not intended to teach C#, but was developed from beginning to end so that any coder can follow along.  It was created in the 2D environment, but all of the techniques and code can be easily ported to the 3D environment.  The PDF includes complete step-by-step instructions that are fully-illustrated with detailed explanations for each of the five scripts so that you can understand and learn the programming techniques as you build this project.  As you progress through the tutorial, you can cut-and-paste the C# code as-is to build the demo project, or modify the scripts for use in your own projects.

This package includes a fully-illustrated 50-page PDF tutorial with the C# sourcecode, and all the graphic image files needed for this project.  This product was tested in UNITY version 2017-2.

Just $ 6.00